We offer business development solutions tailored your needs and deliver positive growth strategies designed to help you reach your goals.

Livento has a long, rich story to tell with an experienced team and proactive business attitude.

Business growth and development integrating AI & machine learning into our decision making process.

Stability, Control, AI & Experience.

Real Estate Development

Residential Development & Investment in Superior Projects

Smart, fresh and confident team with winning mentality.


Livento Group LLC is a US based business development company focused on disruptive business models. We develop proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning products that incorporate risk analysis, predictive maintenance and operational forecasting into our decision making process.


Livento Group LLC deploys investor capital in US and European companies with strong growth potential. We actively seek opportunities in small businesses that have demonstrated a strong working model, profitable in a dynamic sector where Livento Partners can have an immediate impact. Wealth Management clients participate in the Groups investment strategy through our Private Equity Investment deals, Corporate bonds, Investment AI & machine learning and Real Estate.


Livento invests in residential real estate development in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is the 2nd fastest growing city in the EU and demand for affordable living space is very high. We finance and develop these projects directly or provide mezzanine financing to selected partners. We have 5 projects currently under construction with an additional 20+ projects underway.

Executive Board Control Mechanism

The investment committee acting on behalf of Livento is comprised of independent advisors providing control of acquisitions, investment progress and decisions.

The non-executive board oversees the work of the external administrator, auditor and compliance team.