We offer investment and wealth management solutions prepared to fill your financial needs and deliver you positive cash flow returns.

Livento has a long, rich story to tell with experienced team and proactive business attitude.

Equity portfolio and options trading fund oriented on liquidity for investors and steady profitability.

Stability, control, AI and experience.

Real Estate & Mezzanine Finance

Development & financing for quality projects

Smart, fresh and confident team with winning mentality.

Who are we

Livento is a US based fund management company, running funds investing in Equities, Options and Residential Real Estate. Our mission and vision is to deliver investors high growth through managed diversification and deep knowledge of investment managers.

Fund I: Livento Investments

Livento manages an DJIA equity portfolio and option strategies by our investment managers. Manually executed trades focused on DIJA using proprietary software to automate portfolio composition based on historical data and current trends. Non – leveraged 1-1 stock trades. It has low risk profile. Option strategies deliver profits in any market condition.

Fund II: Real estate & mezzanine

Livento invests into residential development in Prague, Czech republic. Prague is the 2nd fastest growing city in the EU and demand for affordable living space is very high. We develop and finance directly our projects or provide mezzanine finance for projects with partners. We have currently 5 MEUR project under development and another 20+ MEUR projects in pipeline.


Key Information

Investment Equity & Options fund Real Estate & Mezzanine fund
Targeted yield: 16+ p.a. net for investors Targeted yield: 15 % p.a. net for investor
Investment horizon: 2 years Investment horizon: 3-5 years, closed end fund
Investment style: Allocation to equity portfolio, options and fx Investment style: Residential real estate in CEE and mezzanine finance
Currency: USD Currency: USD, EUR
NAV calculation: monthly NAV calculation: each 6 months
Management fee: 1.2 %, billed monthly Management fee: 1.2 % annually, billed monthly
Performance fee: 20 % above 6% annual performance Performance fee: 20 % above 6% annual performance

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Executive Board control mechanism

The investment comittee acting on behalf of the fund are independent advisors providing control of acquisitions, investment progress and decisions.

The non-executive board oversees the work of the external administrator, auditor and compliance team.