Announces Official Name Change and New Ticker Symbol

New York, NY, January 30th, 2024 — Livento Group (OTC:NUGN) A Fresh Chapter Begins with a Revitalized Brand Image

Livento Group Inc., previously known as NuGene International, Inc., and a pioneer in Disruptive Business Models, A.I./Robotics, Film, and Movie Production, is thrilled to announce submission to FINRA of its name change to Livento Group Inc. following Form10 approval last quarter. Accompanying this rebranding, the company will adopt a new stock ticker symbol, transitioning from $NUGN to $LIVG.

This rebranding to Livento Group signifies our dedication to innovation, growth, and penetrating new markets. The revamped name and ticker symbol are in sync with our long-term vision and mission, highlighting our focus on future endeavors and strategic goals.

David Stybr, CEO of Livento Group, remarked, “The transition to Livento Group is a pivotal moment in our corporate journey, symbolizing our evolution and unwavering commitment to achieving key objectives, upholding our core values, and delivering innovative solutions. We look forward to new opportunities as we continue our collaboration with customers, partners, investors, and shareholders under the new Livento identity.”

The company reassures all stakeholders that this change in name and ticker symbol will not impact the organization’s operations, management, or structure, nor will it alter our commitments to our stakeholders. Shareholders need not take any specific action regarding this update. Existing stock certificates remain valid and require no exchange.

Determined to maintain its focus on core business areas, goals, and projects, Livento Group is set for sustained growth and achievements in the future. We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of our new stock name and ticker symbol and are excited about what lies ahead in 2024. We extend our gratitude for your continued support.

For more information, please contact:

David Stybr
Chief Executive Officer, Livento Group, Inc.

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