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Boxo Productions is a leading independent film and television production company with truly global ambitions. We produce and fund premium content across a range of genres, championing the boldest and most original voices in modern entertainment. BOXO is a partnership featuring notable entertainment industry leaders Petr Jákl, Ara Keshishian, Martin Barab, as well as top-tier creators.

BOXO’s aim is to serve high value-added content to target audience while minimizing the risk of movie failure. In Boxo Productions we centralized a full year of preparation works on the business model, combining this with high revenue streams. BOXO produces movies independently or with reliable partners in the entertainment business. Moreover, BOXO plans to triple the movie production each year.

The lines of business of the subsidiary are vested on two strong pillars. Firstly, there are the revenues, which will come from the box office sales, once the movie is in distribution. Secondly, the revenues, which will be realized by the distributor paying BOXO, at the start of the movie production phase, where the distributor enters with a production budget for the movie. Boxo Productions either exits at this stage or continues with further investments, which would lead into more potential revenues from the project.

In numbers:

  • A target production of 6 movies in 2022, with box office sales projecting over 50 MUSD, each
  • Contracts secured by established distributors like Paramount, Netflix and others
  • A profit margin over 40%
  • Films, featuring top actors and writers like Robert de Niro, John Malkovich, Stan Lee, and others


Boxo Productions
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