Building an equity portfolio is not a simple process since one must take into consideration the future of particular industries and the companies within them. In all cases, we are looking for a combination of strong management, prudent allocation of capital, and the return that capital provides. What retail investors and family offices lack is historical data and this is where Livento excels.  We believe in diversification, but we will overweight those industries and companies that have a more promising outlook.

Your financial situation and investment needs are unique to you. We see the constant shift of the world’s financial markets, real estate prices, CPI data, and good portfolio management as the key to success..

We identified this as a unique opportunity to support several companies with different needs to aid them in their asset selection process. We developed our own system that is able to read large amounts of data and run portfolio analysis on these assets, providing improved portfolio management and performance.

The system’s development commenced in early 2018 and the first version took one year of development and testing with various basic data sets. Currently, Livento has a team of three people, who focus on the maintenance and further development of the system, making it more robust and stable, and increasing the number of asset classes it could potentially support.

In numbers:

  • Four years of development
  • A three-year successful track record of the AI system
  • The ability to process 1 TB of data in 1 hour
  • A 40% faster and more accurate decision process than the market average


Portfolio Management System “Elisee”

 Elisee is proprietary software developed by LIvento engineers. The product is used by asset managers and has now been made available to private investors with large portfolios seeking stability and growth without headaches.


The complex puzzle of endless investment possibilities and combinations is not one that is easily solved. It is impossible to consider and analyze everything and after all very often stock prices are moving not based on factors you can consider. The complex flow of money is correlated between sectors and industries and what we know through studying the data and working with Elisee is that this can only determined through mathematical mode

Elisee was first fired up using 20 years of Dow Jones data following every price movement and how it correlates with other stocks in the indices overlayed with external data sets such as interest rates, Bond prices, CPI and volatility. The result is a robust calculation and model that rebalances monthly.

How Does Portfolio as a Service work?

The software is not deployed onto your account or computer system because then there are other factors that would effect its performance. The optimal solution is that our Asset manager will build portfolio and we will inform you of the rebalancing that needs to occur or through delegate access we can rebalance for you.

Actual recent results Elisee as a SaaS, having very positive outcomes, when run on the DJIA index:

Total Return


CAGR (Annualized performance)


Ann. StDev


Max drawdown


Sharpe Ratio


Calmar Ratio


Correlation with (S&P 500)


Beta (S&P 500)



Elisee very often performs tasks over different asset classes like commodities, various portfolios of publicly listed companies, or currencies that investors hold and want to have guidance into what direction each of them will move and what allocation they should use for them.

Livento provides this product as a service where it can either acquire the required data set for analysis or use data provided by the client. Pricing of the service depends on the time needed for our analysts to fill Elisee with correct attributes and a precise count of expected scenario analysis.

To receive the Fund fact sheet of this fund write to: [email protected]