AI & Robotics

Building an equity portfolio is not a simple process since one must take into consideration the future of particular industries and the companies within them. In all cases, we are looking for a combination of strong management, prudent allocation of capital, and the return that capital provides. What retail investors and family offices lack is historical data and this is where Livento excels.  We believe in diversification, but we will overweight those industries and companies that have a more promising outlook.

Novel-Ti is a Tunisian LLC founded in 2013, based in Sfax-Tunisia. Our business is focused on developing and producing our own world class products that consist of both hardware and software covering IoT, Robotic, AI and Gaming fields. Boasting nearly one decade of expertise and collaboration with our partners, today we are among the pioneers in the development of IoT, Robotic and Gaming solutions which we combine with AI technologies to boost their performances, save time and increase the income.