Livento Group, Inc. Announces End-Year 2023 Results: Achievements and Strategic Progress

New York, April 3rd, 2024 — Livento Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: NUGN), a dynamic leader specializing in the acquisition and development of companies with disruptive business models in film, content, and technology sectors, proudly presents its year-end 2023 results, highlighting significant achievements and strategic updates.

Operational Highlights:

  • BOXO Acquisitions: Livento acquired assets valued at $22,900,000 in feature films and $9,350,000 in related gaming and entertainment content.
  • Content Ownership: BOXO now holds a percentage ownership stake in 7 finalized movies, 6 television series, 2 documentaries, and 29 projects currently in production.
  • Elisee Performance: Livento’s semi-automated portfolio management tool, Elisee, outperformed market expectations, delivering a remarkable 40% above the standard DJIA index fund for the entire 2023 period.
  • Global Dot Logistics (“GDL”): GDL is undergoing an audit and is poised to proceed with an IPO or reverse merger with SPAC listing. The share issuance of GDL to Livento Group occurred in Q1 2024 and will be reflected on the balance sheet in the respective filing.
  • QB Upgrade: Livento has initiated the name change process with Finra and has submitted the QB and 2-11c application with OTC Markets. The name change is a prerequisite for the QB and 2-11c applications and is expected to be finalized imminently.

Financial Highlights:

  • Revenue Growth: Livento successfully transitioned from advisory to Elisee, Global Dot Logistics, and Movie revenues. Notably, movie revenues are anticipated to rise in 2024 as initial projects near development finalization. Livento benefits from revenues generated by Global Dot Logistics through its advisory company.
  • Assets Growth: Livento boasts over 100% growth in assets, surging from $23 million to over $46 million. These assets, primarily derived from groundbreaking movie projects, form a robust foundation for future revenue streams.

Despite the uncertainties swirling around global markets, Livento Group’s Chief Investment Officer is brimming with optimism as we edge into 2024. Mr. Henriksen communicated, “This enthusiasm is deeply rooted in the solid financial performance and significant asset and revenue growth the company has shown this past year and will consistently showcase throughout 2024 and beyond with the evolving business landscape. Livento’s diversification in film and A.I. with the inclusion of Global Dot Logistics marked by innovative strategies and expanding market presence has set the stage for what we at Livento believe will be an unprecedented era of continuous company growth with assets, revenues, and financial stability as we move forward into 2024. The continuous uptrend in the company’s growth metrics for 2023 not only underscore the effectiveness of its operational strategies but will also solidify the confidence among its shareholders as we continue throughout 2024 with growing revenues consistently each quarter.”

This forward-looking optimism, shared by the group’s top investment strategist, reflects a broader belief in the company’s capability to not only navigate the challenges ahead but to thrive amidst them, promising an exciting journey through 2024 and beyond.

Livento Group CEO David Stybr expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to share our achievements this year, including the substantial transition of revenues, attributable to our innovative portfolio management system Elisee, A.I./Robotics acquisitions, movies, and GDL. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident through our strategic acquisitions and development within BOXO, A.I./Robotics, and Global Dot Logistics. We are excited about the growth opportunities these sectors offer for $NUGN and remain dedicated to accelerating all of the Company’s acquisition plans. We appreciate the support and eagerly anticipate leading the Company and its shareholders into the future.”

About Livento Group

Livento Group (OTC Pink: NUGN) is focused on acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models. The company recently launched BOXO Productions, a film and television production subsidiary led by a top actor and producers in the industry. For more information, visit and

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