For Investors

At Livento Group Inc, we understand the importance of strategic investment choices and the desire for optimal returns. As a forward-thinking company committed to growth, we offer a range of investment options tailored to meet your financial objectives.

Preferential Shares with Exclusive Benefits:

Invest in the future with our preferential shares, uniquely designed to provide you with a host of advantages. 

By acquiring preferential shares at a discounted rate, you not only become a valued part of our growth story but also gain access to closer reporting from the company. 

Stay well-informed with regular updates, and seize the opportunity to explore additional investment prospects within our diverse portfolio.

High-Yield Bonds with 9%+ Interest:

Diversify your investment portfolio by opting for our high-yield bonds, offering an attractive 9%+ interest rate. 

Our bonds are registered on, governed by FCA, ensuring transparency and credibility.

PDF: Termsheet Livento

PDF: Livento Prospectus

Livento Group’s bonds are a secure and lucrative option, appealing to investors in search of stable & consistent returns.

Flexible Financing with Standard or Convertible Loans:

Tailor your investment strategy with Livento Group Inc’s flexible financing options. 

Whether you prefer the stability of standard loans or the potential for conversion with convertible loans, our offerings are designed to align with your financial goals. 

Enjoy the flexibility to choose the financing solution that best suits your needs and risk appetite.

For further information or to discuss your investment options, please contact our dedicated Investor Relations team at [email protected] or call +1 981 42239. We are here to assist you in making informed decisions and ensuring a seamless investment experience.



For information about direct investment to our BOXO Movie Production brand please follow here.