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New York, NY, December 27th, 2023

Livento Group remains steadfast in its pursuit of a NASDAQ listing, harmonizing revenues and valuation to achieve its financial objectives. The company’s two primary divisions are diligently advancing their business development, forming a robust foundation for sustained growth. Coupled with the impending Global Dot Logistics IPO, which delivers value in shares and management revenues, Livento is well-equipped with formidable tools to attain its ambitious targets.

The year 2023 has been a year of successes for us. In the robotics division, we acquired a 100% stake in Novel-Ti. We completed the acquisition of 54 diversified film projects valued at $42 million in BOXO Productions. Additionally, we are in the final stages of the IPO for Global Dot Logistics, with annual revenues exceeding $16 million in the logistics and transportation sector and pipeline of USA companies with $80 million in revenues. Livento Group achieved a year-on-year revenue growth of 30%, and assets increased fivefold from $10 to $46 million. With these achievements, we have significantly strengthened our position to reach a strategic milestone – listing on NASDAQ.

However, these three main pillars represent just the beginning of our journey toward more ambitious goals. This combination opens incredible possibilities not only for financial growth but also for lasting stability and assurance for our investors and partners. Our strategy involves market diversification and the development of innovative technologies that shape the future.

Entering 2024 with ambitious plans, we aim to move closer to our goal – becoming a leader in every industry we enter and achieving stability on the NASDAQ by 2025. We want to be attractive to significant investors, strengthen the value of our shares, and bring innovations that shape the future.

With firm determination and enthusiasm for new challenges, we step into 2024. We are Livento Group, and we invite you to share our journey.

Exchange Upgrade Steps

Livento is actively engaged in the process of registering a Form 2-11c with FINRA, a pivotal step that will extend the opportunity for global investors to acquire its common stock through any brokerage platform. Currently, access to Livento’s stock is limited to a select number of brokers in the United States and Canada.

Upon successful completion of the FINRA proceedings, Livento intends to take the next strategic step by applying for an upgrade to the OTC QB (Over-the-Counter Quality Board), a prominent tier within the OTC Markets. This move positions Livento within the middle tier of OTC Markets, a segment characterized by the presence of institutional investors. The transition to OTC QB not only opens avenues for deeper collaboration with institutional investors but also affords Livento the advantage of broader liquidity for its stock. 211c will be completed in Q1 2024 and OTCQB status should be gained before the end of Q2 2024.

This strategic move aligns with Livento’s commitment to expanding its shareholder base globally and enhancing its market presence. By facilitating access to its common stock on a wider scale and engaging with institutional investors on the OTC QB, Livento aims to strengthen its market position and foster more extensive business cooperation opportunities. This strategic progression underscores Livento’s pursuit of increased liquidity and its proactive approach to establishing a robust and globally accessible investment platform. After this step, NASDAQ listing preparation will immediately start.

BOXO Productions

BOXO Productions continues its commitment to movie development, with eight films acquired during the summer of 2023 set to be filmed within the next 12 months and subsequently released in cinemas. The first of these, titled “Locked,” produced by our team and Sam Raimi, featuring industry luminaries Anthony Hopkins and Bill Skarskard, is currently in the post-production phase. Anticipated revenues from the $40 million asset movie acquisition are already materialized in the fourth quarter of 2023.

BOXO Funds

BOXO has initiated two private funds to support movie funding, attracting early investors to participate in over 54 projects with a cumulative value exceeding $40 million. The BOXO FUND, catering to accredited investors, and the retail-oriented BOXO CF CrowdFund offer enticing share bonuses for early investors, targeting double-digit returns and additional perks. These funds are integral to building a formidable movie production empire.

Movies filmed in next few months

  • Carnival of Killers
  • Calico Joe
  • God’s Country (BOXO as well recently secured a non-binding LOI to finance privately 50% of the budget for this movie)
  • Black Cotton Star
  • The Beirut Spy

Livento Robotics

As a pivotal segment within Livento Group Inc., Livento Robotics & AI spearheads disruptive methodologies to empower businesses and secure a competitive edge. Operating through two distinct business lines, Elisee and Novel-Ti, Livento Robotics plays a crucial role in advancing innovation in various industries.


Constructing an equity portfolio entails a nuanced evaluation of future industry trajectories and the companies navigating them. In this intricate process, factors such as robust management, judicious capital allocation, and capital yield play pivotal roles. Livento excels in this domain by bridging the gap for retail investors and family offices, providing crucial historical data. Our investment philosophy emphasizes diversification, with strategic overweighting in industries and companies poised for a more promising outlook for the DJIA index. This product is used by family offices, portfolio managers and high-net-worth investors.


Established in 2013 as a Tunisian Limited Liability Company, Novel-Ti, headquartered in Sfax, Tunisia, specializes in the development and production of cutting-edge products encompassing both hardware and software. Our focus spans the realms of IoT, Robotics, AI, and Gaming. With almost a decade of expertise and collaborative efforts with partners, we stand as pioneers in crafting solutions for IoT, Robotics, and Gaming, integrating AI technologies to enhance performance, streamline processes, and augment income.

Future Plans

Livento Robotics & AI is committed to advancing its existing ventures, Elisee and Novel-Ti, by strategically investing in product development and marketing initiatives during the initial two quarters of 2024.

  • Elisee aims to expand its operations to encompass additional indexes such as Nasdaq and S&P 500, simultaneously gearing up for the launch of retail products.
  • Novel-Ti boasts a diverse portfolio of business products poised for strategic marketing. Additionally, the company is positioned to offer its services with a well-conceived marketing plan to tap into new opportunities and enhance its overall market presence.


One of GDL’s significant milestones is the ongoing audit of its acquisition, Sambular, which has shown remarkable growth since its inception in 2009. SAMBULAR has transformed from a modest office housing five individuals into a premier logistics firm, with two terminals covering 10,000 m^2, a fleet of 50 vehicles, and a robust team of 130 professionals.

In line with GDL’s expansion strategy, the company has recently completed the acquisition pipeline of a US-based entities with $80 million in revenues, adding to its diversified portfolio. GDL has also formed a strategic collaboration with a Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) based private equity fund, which has allocated a substantial $25 million for European-centric acquisitions.

GDL is expected to list on NASDAQ within 1Q 2024 and offer current investors pre-IPO packages on $0.5 with 20% warrants as a bonus.

About Livento Group, Inc.

Livento Group (OTC: NUGN) is committed to acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models. The company has recently launched BOXO Productions, a film, and television production subsidiary, helmed by top industry actors and producers. For further information on Livento Group and BOXO Productions, please visit and

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