Livento is Changing the Game for Investors Through its Disruptive Business Model

New York, NY, August 02, 2022 – Livento Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NUGN) today announced that David Štýbr, CEO and Founder of Livento Group and BOXO Productions, was interviewed by Stock Day Media in the following podcast. Stock Day Media is the first transparent aggregated news service site for Nano and Micro-Cap, publicly traded companies.

A transcript of the interview can be found below.

David, it’s great to meet you and welcome to the show. David, can you explain what a disruptive business model means, and can you talk to us about the three industries that Livento Group is currently engaged in?

Sure, I would be happy to provide some guidance. Livento has three business models. In the past, Livento was more focused on real estate and the development of AI division. Recently we added movie production under the brand BOXO Productions, where we see disruptive business potential and the opportunity to extract value for our investors, shareholders and all our stakeholders.

And what about your AI software and real estate investments?

Yes, our AI software was developed internally so it’s our own proprietary system that’s tested on the major exchanges, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX: DJI) being our main testing platform. It’s a system and tool that allows fund managers to test their portfolio setup in different sectors and environments, which helps by guiding them towards which type of stock portfolio they should be buying and holding for the upcoming future. We work on a monthly basis, so we are currently being tested by a large fund in Germany that trades on the German DAX Performance Index (similar to DJI). We are helping them to set up the right portfolio based on kind of results and target performance they want to achieve based on their criteria. So, this is our AI development tool. In regard to real estate, right now we see how high the potential profits are in movies, which are exponential compared to real estate. Livento itself has been focused on AI and real estate in the last five years (during which time those sectors were very high performing). Right now, what we’re seeing in the real estate sector is that material supply is very low due to the impact of inflation, so that business wouldn’t bring the best benefits to our investors and shareholders. That’s why we are moving towards an industry that’s creating greater value, which are the movies.

So, speaking of your movies and your recently launched subsidiary, BOXO Productions, what are your key strategies to succeed against competitors at the box office?

The ultimate game changer for BOXO is the team we acquired, Petr Jákl, Ara and Martin Barab. These people have a very extensive track record in the Hollywood industry. They have access to people (and resources) that are otherwise impossible to get. The team gets access to scripts, books, new movie projects, way ahead of anyone else. We get to choose from these development projects before anyone gets to see them, and we are able to choose the right ones that, based on our teams’ experience, will bring us the commercial results we want and success against our competition. This is the key aspect that puts us ahead of the competition, because we can choose the right story and the right idea before anyone else.

That’s amazing! And I see that you recently filed your Form 10, in which you highlighted your plans and first steps toward up-listing. So, I wanted to ask, what opportunities do you see, or are pursuing, for the company with this move?

You know, what we wanted to do with Livento was to make it a public entity where we can speak to investors, attract people, and show what we do to the world. For us, acquiring this shell, NUGN, where we just filed our Form 10, as you said, and which is currently in process of the name change, is just a legal step on the way to getting to one of the major stock exchanges. We are trying to get to one of the main stock exchanges as soon as possible, and this is just the process on the way. We are looking to create out of Livento, a billion-dollar company. We want it to succeed. We want it to be big and large. And we know that with our AI tool and with our movies (BOXO Productions), we are able to reach it. We have a lot of clever people in the company, and we have a lot of clever advisors that are helping us to get here, so I believe we have the right set up to achieve it.

That is amazing. And you’re a company, like we mentioned before, that prides itself in disrupting markets. So, I’d like to ask you, what main division of Livento will your main revenue driver for the rest of quarter 3 and 4 in 2022. Will it be BOXO, AI, or real estate? 

For the end of this year right now, we see the AI as our main revenue driver. With the first movies being completed by BOXO right now, we should see our first revenue stream from the by November and toward the last quarter. So it will be switching towards the movies, and in the long term future it will definitely be BOXO bringing the main revenue stream for the company.

On that note too, are there any other markets you’re interested in pursuing or will television and movies be your main focus?

We see movies and television as the main market for us in the midterm future. AI is definitely our key-stone that will remain in the company.  It brings big value and big revenues, but we see that the movies can outperform it in the mid-term to long run.

That’s amazing. Mr. David Stybr is the CEO of Livento Group. They trade on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol NUGN. David, thank you so much for talking on the show with me. Hope to talk to you again in another 45 to 55 days for an update. 

Many thanks for the opportunity.

If you are interested in hearing more about Livento’s next moves, join Štýbr on August 9, 2022 at the upcoming virtual Proactive One2One Investor Forum. He will present on profit models in the Hollywood industry, plans for EURO DOT, and future acquisition targets at 2 p.m. EDT. To register, visit the forum’s website.

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