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New York, NY, August 16, 2022 – Livento Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: NUGN) today announced that David Štýbr, CEO and Founder of Livento Group and BOXO Productions gave a presentation at the Proactive One2One Virtual Forum.

A transcript of the interview can be found below.

It is great meeting you, David. Welcome. Can you give an overview of Livento Group Inc. What does the company do?

Livento group is a company that specializes in finding companies or projects that are coming from established industries with growth potential. We are not looking for new venues or startups. We always look for already existing business businesses or industries with existing revenue, so our shareholders or investors can get most of the benefit from it.

We are currently in the process of two IPOs. One is linked to the group itself, which is the acquisition of NuGene International this March 2022, and the second one is a logistic company called Euro Dot.

Livento started five years ago when we launched a small firm with asset management support. After a year and a half, we had established our first opportunity and developed a software called Elisee, a portfolio system used for asset managers to track their investments. With going to OTC, we are in the next step of our journey which next steps are going through OTCQB towards one of major stock exchanges.

We successfully finished several real estate development projects and increased the assets in our company by acquiring new businesses such as BOXO Productions, which mainly focus are movies. Boxo has a team of professionals with an impressive track record in the Hollywood industry. The company is one of the most successful independent film and television production companies in America, with truly global ambitions. With the COVID pandemic, there has been an increased demand for new content. That’s why we’re focusing on movies and TV series to meet this need with incredible opportunities in cloud providers and online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Our internal Elisee portfolio system is receiving lately more requests, especially in these times when the markets are very volatile and, the stock market is frequently coming up and down.

For EURO Dot we plan its focus on Europe logistics sector and trucks with LNG, CNG and other alternative engine types. Initial companies joining the holding have combined revenues over $40 million and further acquisitions during upcoming years should boost its value.

Thank you very much, David. So, we have a few questions. The first is from Donovan. He says he knows you can’t make any guarantees, but what is the expected outlook on BOXO Productions, revenues, and how consistently do you see these revenues for BOXO in the future?

With the first film in our pipeline now complete, we will be announcing new movies soon. The six movies we promised this year are finally coming to fruition. I never use a hundred percent, but our success rate is impressive; I’m 99% confident of what the revenue will look like and who ultimately delivers it to our customers.

Okay. Well, staying with Don Donovan, he says he understands the chance to get involved in Euro Dot in the future. What would be the circumstances necessary for completing that purchase, and what would be the assumed benefits?

In Euro Dot, we have two companies that we will take on board to create a larger IPO and offer part of company to external investor so we can then boost these companies or make another acquisition.

A question from Nicholas says, can you give us any information on any TV shows coming out this year? So, you’ve talked about a lot number of movies. Do you have information on TV shows?

Legal paperwork must be signed before any announcement can be made. I cannot comment on TV shows, but one thing is true: there’s an upcoming project in negotiations right now for September, which will soon become public knowledge, so stay tuned!

Question on revenue comes from John. He says, would you be able to elaborate on the recording of revenues?

Elisee is delivering stable profits that are slightly increasing and revenues growing every quarter, but we see the potential in BOXO, which should take over the leadership on revenues in the next 12 months. The first movies will be coming to some stages when they can also be issued. For example, the movie Wash Me in the River is a movie we joined later in the postproduction phase. So, this will start generating revenues much sooner than the others.

So, another one from Donovan says considering BOXO, so receiving payments before the project is distributed, he’s getting some approval must be done by the distribution path. Is there a chance for a show or movie to be declined?

Generally, no, because when we are doing TV series, there is a signed contract for content delivery. So, TV series are paid based development of some specific content. It’s a bit different line because when the distributor decides to put it out, what can usually happen is just a timing issue. Because of anything that can happen in the future, they can choose to postpone the movie; for example, we saw this happening during COVID. Many films were delayed because the COVID came, and people could not visit theaters. So that’s the risk on the movie side, but usually, it’s not so huge.

And then just following on from one of your other answers, Donovan says, so you pick projects that distributors are most likely to pick up.

Yes. That’s true. It’s a process that usually takes two to three months, to get it to the working stage. Once we agree to look at the script, read it, and work on it, we as well seek to make a deal with distributor to sell the movie to cinemas.

Then a question from Yotis, what is your five-year vision with the Livento group between your production, AI, and real estate activity? What’s your principal focus beyond the production arm?

Yes. I see stable AI with a four people team that are managing, developing, and maintaining the product, which I believe can stay, as one of our arms. But the principal main focus is on the BOXO Production brand. BOXO has a lot of potential revenue, and the PR connected to it will help them become even more successful shortly.

So, Bob asks, are your investments geographically agnostic, or do you prefer to focus on specific markets or exchanges?

Generally, I would say we see Europe as the first market for logistics and Euro Dot. For Livento and BOXO, it’s a USA company. With BOXO we are focused on USA markets, USA productions, as we work more with USA companies. So, it’s about what the company’s division does if it belongs to Europe or in the USA.

Okay. Two questions on your authorized shares coming from Jeremiah and also Scott. So, Jeremiah says you mentioned before that you would reduce the authorized shares by a minimum of 300 million. Do you have any updates on that, or has it increased? And Scott says also there’s been chatter about some authorized share reduction. Will it be finalized soon?

Yes. As I said, it will happen. The paperwork is just in the process of being completed.

The final question is from John what’s being done in the USA or elsewhere to market and sell the use of Elisee, given its outstanding performance over the last few years?

We’ve been working with several funds and asset managers to find the right strategy for our company. The time has come to show the world what we can do and sell more.

David, um, we’re going to leave it there. Lots of questions are coming through. So obviously lots of interest in Lao. Thank you very much for the presentation, David, the CEO of the Livento Group.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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