Livento Group (NUGN) Announces First BOXO Movie in Cinemas: Savage Salvation

New York, NY, November 30, 2022 – Livento Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: NUGN), a dynamic group that specializes in acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models in film, content, and technology for fund managers, announced today that the movie “Savage Salvation” will be released to cinema theatres this week on Friday, December 2nd.

Savage Salvation premiered on the red carpet this week in New York, USA and is entering selected cinemas and streaming services such as Amazon Prime this Friday. Produced by BOXO Productions, written by Adam Taylor Barker and Chris Sivertson, and actors such as Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, Willa Fitzgerald and Jack Huston star in this thriller about a recovering opioid addict exacting revenge on the dealers responsible for selling the drugs that resulted in his fiancé’s death.

The movie was produced by BOXO Productions in the final post-production stage with the company R.U. Robots and is entitled to a share of revenue that is mainly oriented to flow from online streamers over the next several months. We will inform our readers across all our social media platforms where this film can be streamed and where the movie will be listed. The revenue we receive as a producer combined with the revenue from box office sales will show a substantial increase in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 revenue.

“We are thrilled with this first official BOXO movie, We have a slightly different business model than the other upcoming BOXO films as we joined the later stage of production, which still delivers great revenues to BOXO for this weekend and the foreseeable months on multiple streaming sites,” commented David Stybr, Livento Group CEO. “We are reviewing multiple other opportunities and working closely to bring more details on our recently announced two new huge movie projects in the coming weeks.” The film “Savage Salvation” is one of BOXO Production’s first films to be produced and released while trading as a public company.

Livento Group through its subsidiary BOXO Productions has funded 5-7 films in 2022 alone across pre, mid and post-production phases. BOXO Productions plans 12-15 more films next year in 2023 including an additional TV series with expected revenues of $5 to $15 million USD per film. Movies such as Stan Lee’s “Carnival of Killers” attract a higher forecast as Stan Lee is associated with Marvel Motion Pictures. The minimum profit for BOXO should be in the range of $25 to $35 million USD in revenue from movies that started production in 2022. For movies where production starts in 2023, that number jumps significantly to $60-$75 million USD minimum.

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Livento Group (OTC Pink: NUGN) is focused on acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models. The company recently launched BOXO Productions, a film and television production subsidiary led by a top actor and producers in the industry. For more information, visit and

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