Livento Group Announces Chief Investment Officer’s Strategic Share Purchase, Signifying Robust Confidence in Company’s Future

New York, September 12, 2023 – Livento Group is delighted to announce that on September 7, Misha Henriksen, has been promoted to Chief Investment Officer, and made a significant addition to his portfolio by acquiring 2.5 million restricted Class C Preferred Shares. This latest purchase is equivalent to 250M common shares, further establishing Henriksen’s stake in the company.

Misha’s appointment as the Chief Investment Officer underscores Livento Group’s dedication to driving a forward-thinking and innovative investment agenda. In his pivotal role, Henriksen will shape and convey the company’s investment strategy and policies, playing a fundamental role in steering our broader business strategy. Tasked with nurturing and leading the investment team, Henriksen’s vision will be instrumental in supervising and refining the investment process, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

Mr. Henriksen’s decision aligns with his history of demonstrating profound confidence in Livento Group. His acquisition symbolizes dedication, aligning his interests with those of the expansive Livento shareholder base. It’s noteworthy that Henriksen had, in prior executive roles, chosen shares over salary, underscoring his firm belief in aligning directly with the organizations he served.

Livento Group’s CEO, David Stybr, shared his thoughts on this occasion, stating, “We are deeply encouraged by Misha Henriksen’s investment in our Class C Preferred Shares. His trust in our company’s trajectory is both an honor and a source of motivation for our entire team. We are eager to collaborate closely with Misha to realize our collective vision for the future.”

Earlier in the year, Livento Group’s second-quarter financials painted a picture of a bright path ahead. The company set ambitious benchmarks for revenue and EBITDA growth and projected robust free cash flow, asserting its formidable position in the industry. With a commendable track record of consistent acquisitions and unwavering commitment to augmenting shareholder value, Livento Group, fortified by the conviction of leaders like Misha Henriksen, is on track for a future marked by sustained success and innovation.

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