Livento Group (NUGN): BOXO Productions Acquires Movie and Video Games rights for $32.25 Million USD, bringing in a New Era of Entertainment Excellence

New York, NY, May 30, 2023 – Livento Group Inc (OTC Pink: NUGN) is a dynamic group that specializes in acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models.

Livento’s focus in the last two years was to reengineer our business and business model. Livento has invested significant financial resources coupled with hiring and developing the team to deliver on these objectives. Investments in BOXO, our Movie development business plus acquisitions in software development through the acquisition of Novel-Ti and the pending IPO of GDL position us well moving forward.

The BOXO Productions brand is Livento’s flagship business. The experience and potential in BOXO’s production team has unique access in the movie industry. The financials of the business model are incredibly powerful. Through diversification, fixed margins, and a share of box office revenue, this creates a strong foundation for BOXO growth.

Today, BOXO has made one of most important steps in its history. BOXO has acquired assets worth $22,900,000 (twenty-two million nine hundred thousand USD) in Movies and $9,350,000 (nine million three hundred and fifty thousand USD) in related gaming and entertainment content.

“This deal takes BOXO to the next level. We are pleased that our production team and industry contacts made this possible. After 4 (four) months of negotiations and various discussions with producers and counterparties, the BOXO movie content library will increase and include 44 movies titles in various stages. Investors should note that some titles are already complete therefore they are delivering revenue as well as movies to be further developed ‘packaged’ as well as filmed not released pieces. ‘Acquiring this content signifies that BOXO is becoming a recognized player in the industry,” said David Stybr, BOXO Productions CEO.  

The uniqueness of the deal is that BOXO has the right to the same percentage in the case that any sequel for the movies is created. This constitutes an additional bonus, as the potential for considerable revenue remains without further financial investment into the franchise.

The acquisition is increasing BOXO assets by a multiple of 4 (four), bringing a total of 49 projects under the brand. BOXO plans to manage private content library funds. This very significant increase in assets under management will attract high net-worth and institutional investors and provide them with the confidence that we are a mature business with the experience to manage and develop large content libraries.

BOXO will make publicly available the details about each of the projects with its development plans, expected revenues and description. The Video games are based on the movies we are acquiring. For example, one of the games is based on the movie titled ‘medieval’ which will be released on Mobile and PC.

BOXO has acquired a percentage ownership in the following content:

  • 7 finalized movies
  • 6 television series
  • 2 Documentaries
  • 29 projects currently in production

The full list will follow shortly after this release.

The acquisition was paid through proceeds from real estate in amount of USD $7,250,000 and by shares issued at a price for 6.5 cents. Our partners believe that the Livento management team and BOXO is a strategic partner that has the right foundations and enroute to build a much larger movie and entertainment company. These shares are restricted for a period of 6 months.

Our Partners who are now Investors and shareholders consider this a long-term investment and are fully aware of the company’s ambition to proceed and apply to up list to NASDAQ.

Several videos showcasing some of the content can be seen here: Video 1Video 2

“The capital increase is a step forward for Livento’s plan to progress to NASDAQ. We have increased our yearly revenues by 80% and we anticipate a significant increase in our market valuation. Revenues from movies that have already been released will increase our revenue and cash flow, thereby enhancing our ability to invest in new projects” commented David Stybr.

About Livento Group, Inc.

Livento Group (OTC Pink: NUGN) is focused on acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models. The company recently launched BOXO Productions, a film and television production subsidiary led by a top actor and producers in the industry. For more information, visit and

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