Livento prepares and packages real estate projects that are further sold to developers or realized with our investors, internally. We focus mainly on the European residential market, where demand for residential units is very high, and on financing and strategical management of real estate projects across Europe.

Residential development in Prague, which is the second-fastest-growing city in the EU. This is a great opportunity, to create opportunity, where demand is large. Acquisition of land in specific locations, where potential matters. Our team evaluates the opportunity and prepares a time-based and financial budget.

Great potential locations for smaller residential housing projects. Projects being land-zoned for construction. Our internal team leads project management and sales. Bank financing provides a source for constructions costs. Our current active project: which is valued at USD 8 million of sales in unit prices.

Our team supports as well owners of real estate projects or properties in strategical management, our services usually consist of:

• Strategical positioning
• Property sale support
• Refinancing via bank or private partners
• Corporate and legal structure

In case Livento accepts a real estate project management opportunity, it receives a percentual stake in it and a regular revenue stream.