Livento reports and newsletters

Our monthly reports to investors and presentations


Automatically executed trades focused on DIJA using proprietary software to create portfolio composition based on historical data and current trends. Non – leveraged 1-1 stock trades. It has low risk profile. Expected returns 17 % p.a. profit

Mezzanine Finance

Short term loans against real estate or stake in company starting on interest of 14 % p.a. Its usually combined with direct share in the real estate project where Livento holds minority share to participate on profitable exit of the project.

Real Estate

Residential investments in Prague, currently we have 50 % of Equity in a residential unit in Prague 5, its 5 MEUR investment.
Livento has in pipeline three residential development projects from 3 to 25 MEUR in Prague with budgeted IRR 15 % p.a.